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Cash ISAs

The simplest and most popular type of ISA. They are also the least risky, with savings up to £85,000 protected in case the provider goes bankrupt. The interest rates on offer, however, have been fairly low for a number of years.

Last Updated: January 2021

There are several firms that specifically offer ethical Cash ISAs.

Compared to normal Cash ISAs, these providers won't invest into businesses involved in certain sectors such as tobacco or arms, and in some cases only into businesses that have a specific environmental or social purpose.


In addition to the providers shown in the table below, local building societies can offer ethical saving options.

Ecology Building Society

Building Society with an environmental focus

Ecology Building Society is a building society which was started to help finance environmental building renovations and support sustainable development. 

Since 1981 they've lent to over 3,000 projects, supporting individuals, charities, environmental businesses and community-led housing organisations to realise their sustainable living ambitions. In 2018 they lent £38.4million to support 255 sustainable properties and projects.


A Dutch bank which lends only to organisations that have a positive social or environmental impact

Triodos is one of the most sustainable banks in the world. It focuses its activities across three overarching themes: Environmental, Cultural and Social. Together, these cover a broad range of sectors – from renewable energy, organic farming and social housing through to retail, charities and education. They publish details of every organisation they lend to.

Co-op Bank

One of the best known UK ethical banks with a consumer led ethical policy

Co-op is probably the best known ethical bank in the UK, and despite some controversies over the past several years, still remains a top choice with a strong ethical policy and good reviews from customers and the industry alike.

As a cooperative, their ethical policy is shaped by their consumers, which you can view here. The Co-op's main premise is to promote human rights and equality, and promote economic and social development in Britain; designed around seven goals which include- for example- promoting human rights and equality, protecting the environment and animal welfare.